1. Upgrade Your Pillowcase

Satin vs. Cotton Pillowcase. Sleeping on a satin pillow case will help to keep the hair from tangling while you sleep. Cotton pillowcases tend to tangle the hair more. Also putting your hair into a pony tail will help to keep hair from getting too tousled. Especially if you are a hard sleeper.


2. Air Dry Cream Before Bed

If showering in the evening before bed. You can braid, scrunch or twist your hair while damp and use a small amount of our MONAT AIR DRY CREAM and you will be amazed at the results in the morning. Air Dry Cream gives your hair a weightless hold with great texture.


3. Your Friends: Velcro Curlers

So you just had a blow out done and want to preserve that great look for a few days. We suggest sleeping with the top section of your hair wrapped around three velcro curlers. If you would like more lift apply a soft hold hairspray like MONAT REFNISH CONTROL HAIR SPRAY while teasing the crown before you put in the velcro rollers. In the morning you take rollers out and brush through your hair.


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